Composing recommendations and citation management software that is using

Composing recommendations and citation management software that is using

The proper citation of recommendations is obligatory to get systematic credibility, to honor the first ideas of past writers and also to avoid plagiarism. Presently, scientists can simply find, cite and keep recommendations citation management software that is using. In this review, two citation that is popular applications (EndNote and Mendeley) are summarized.


Updated Dictionary for the Turkish Language posted by Turkish Language Association defines the term “Source” as “documents described, and utilized in researches, and investigations, reference”. 1 In the same dictionary the term ‘literature’ is similar to the ‘reference. 1 In the exact same dictionary concept of the word “References” is provided as “a directory of the greatest collection of magazines concerning a predetermined subject, destination and/or period, bibligraphy”. 1

While writing a manuscript on his/her research, a scientist cites other studies that may help or contradict the target, methodology or results of his/her research in the ‘Introduction’, and ‘Discussion’ sections of this research. The author(s) of the manuscript: 2 while using the written opinions of other scientists

Can show these opinion with his/her words that are own.

Can summarize these viewpoints making use of his/her very own words.

Can relate to them without mentioning their contents or utilize the information associated with the study that is cited.

The above-mentioned products are known as indirect citation, citation or guide, correspondingly. The a few ideas utilized in indirect citations or sources are part of others, but terms utilized to describe them ought not to be put within quote markings.

The referenced source could be cited utilizing the exact same terms or sentences that ought to be suggested within double-quotes (“. (more…)